Barnard Station - Home of Eusebious and Sarah Barnard
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Project Gallery

January 2023 Demolitions
During January 2023, original doorways were located along with identification of an added closet and enclosed duct chase. Demolition was done to return those items to their original state. Demolition locations are identified in the drawing on the left. To learn more and view photos, click here.
1. Doorway between original core of the house and the 1841 addition
2. Doorway between original keeping room and parlor
3. 20th century coat closet
4. Enclosed duct chase


Welcome Center
Friends of Barnard Station has been working on the creation of the new Welcome Center to allow visitors to experience what we envision for the exhibit spaces in the front section of the house, once restored. Visitors will be able to see new mouldings recreated to match the character of the original early 19th century moulding found in the front section of the house. The Welcome Center provides information about the Barnard family and their involvement in the local abolition movement in the 19th century. There is information about Harriet Shephard and her children's escape from bondage, that passed through the Barnard farm. Visitors will learn about the evolution of the property and also see what other events were happening in the nation during the same time periods. A slideshow is projected that allows visitors to experience parts of the historic house that are closed to the public. Information about the creation of a Preservation Plan, for which a matching grant was recently awarded by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, is detailed in the new space. Plans are in place to further develop the content over the winter season as the Preservation Plan process is underway.

Interior Restoration
Current photos of the interior spaces as of 2021. We are awaiting the Historic Preservation Plan before beginning work on the restoration.